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Friday, December 22

No Spelling before 0800 Hours!!!

The Bear woke up at 4 am this morning. I went in to check on him to try and get him to go back to sleep. Apparently he woke up worried about Santa Claus and when is he supposed to come and does he know what he's supposed to bring?

I carried the Bear into bed with me and Daddy, hoping to snuggle up and soothe his concerns so we could all go back to sleep. No such luck.

The question and answer session continued for about another 15 minutes or so. By this time Daddy is trying his best to get the Bear to just "shhhh, closey eyes and Santa will come see us in a couple of days." The Bear felt the need to re-iterate at 4:30 a.m. that he wanted a big red bike (yes, the color has changed from blue to green and now to red) and he wants a big white dirty truck (?).

Anyway, I start spelling to Daddy that we need to encourage the R E D B I K E deal because that is the color we got and since we're going to Fredericksburg this afternoon do they have a T R A C T O R S U P P L Y because then we can pick up some more J O H N D E E R E stuff to put under the T R E E from S A N T A.

Daddy holds up his hand in the darkened bedroom and without lifting his head off the pillow says, "Whoa whoa - - it is too D A M N early to be spelling at me!"

Merry Christmas!!!!


Lorraine said...

We're laughing, we're laughing, we're shooting milk out our nose, we're laughing...

Liz said...

What a great story! He's pretty W I T T Y at 4am. Hope Bear (and the grownups) have a great Christmas!