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Tuesday, November 28

Potty Mouth

Well, the Bear had to do some time in Time-Out this morning. Apparently he and one of his little buddies were having themselves a little cussin' contest. She said "sh**" and he said "da**it" and they were having a big time.

I swear, er, I'm telling you - - he DID NOT hear that from ME. I'm big time into S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G things these days. My worst offense/contribution to the Bear's ever expanding dictionary is "fart."

I swear, er, honest!


Lorraine said...

Little pitchers have big ears. Know when I really realized that? The time when Spouse and I were innocently watching "Friends" and The Child, all of four, looked up and said, "I want to have sex".

I still don't let her watch "Friends".

jLow said...

My little pitcher with the big ears picked up "Shut up!" from Friends himself.

BTW, How I Met Your Mother is one of our favorites and we got another new good one last night: My Boys on TBS (Tuesday nights at 9pm CST).