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Wednesday, November 8

Centenarian Post: How Appropo

This is my 100th post! wooo hooo

So Election Day is behind us (pretty much except in VA and MT). Am I deliriously happy like the Lady Lorraine? No. Am I completely bummed like, er, okay, maybe finding somebody bummed about the results is going to prove a little difficult but the still answer is: No.

Actually, I'm relieved. Quite honestly, and I say this as a proud liberal Republican (oxymoron, no?), I am VERY OPTIMISTIC. Seriously.

Maybe I'm going to finally show all of you how not smart I really am but common sense just seems to dictate that we got two things going FOR us:

1) A "lame duck" President who MUST find a way to work with the Democrats who outnumber his party. If he doesn't work it out and figure it out, he may as well pack his respective s*** and move out of the White House this weekend. I think it is a tremendous opportunity for him to be a president to our ENTIRE country, not just the GOP-registered citizens.

2) The Democratic leaders who now find themselves out from behind the eight ball can really start putting some of their words into action. Independent energy sources? Bring it on! Raise the minimum wage? About dadgum time! Putting a stop to the gushing wound of America that is RIDICULOUSLY high prescription drug prices? Amen!!

Though there are certain issues that I absolutely wholeheartedly disagree with Democratic stances on, I can say the same about certain Republican stances. Like I said before, I am very optimistic about our nation's future.


"The success of the President is always good for the country." - - House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi


tacnik said...

i am in much the same place as you... america is about union not partisan divides. we've ALL been swizzed by labels and dualities...

people see the bell curve of this general 50/50 split we've been seeing as a dip in the middle and spikes on either extremity... not true i say, i propose ti's the other way around... we are all pretty much in the middle, we've just listened to the media telling us what we are.

god bless brtiney spears too.


jLow said...

I couldn't agree with you more, Tak. We have been like sheep listening and believing what the non-objective media chooses to tell us about ourselves.

This 50/50 split tells me that maybe we are waking up and starting to think for ourselves.

What a novel concept!!!

gina said...

I agree 100%, JLow. But here's what I really love. So far, I have not heard one politician accuse the other party of stealing the election. I haven't even heard one whining. I've just heard really gracious concession speeches. And even the commentators seem, so far, to be being nice and considerate. As an also proud liberal republican (maybe moderate is more accurate), I am happy to see the folks of the party I am technically a member of behaving professionally and like adults.

jLow said...

That is nice, isn't it? And I'm not tooting the GOP horn at all.

It is nice to conclude an election where those who lost did so graciously because to do anything less is only harmful to our communities as a whole.

Lorraine said...

I share your optimism that this is an opportunity for something to get done around here. And I absolutely believe Pelosi when she says that she wants to work with W. She's got a mess at stake in this as well, as the first woman speaker.