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Thursday, November 30

A Big Bundled Up Bear, Oh My!

So we were enjoying a lovely autumn day yesterday - it was 78 degrees with a nice soft breeze wafting through the trees. I had a light sweater on, no need for a jacket in these parts.

The Bear enjoyed mow mow'ing the grass with his bubble mower for about 1/2 an hour before it started getting dark. I enjoyed my limited time with the horses - giving them the attention and snuggles that they have come to expect from me everyday. Okay, okay . . . we all know they're just buttering me up for their oats and feed but I'll take their affectionate bribery every time.

And then . . . some time during the dark wee hours of the night, the soft breeze turned sharp and cold and the temperature dropped to 30 degrees.

Wha - - ??? This crazy Texas weather bowed to Northern peer pressure and welcomed in that nasty artic blast.


awwwwww, Mom! I can't move!

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