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Wednesday, September 27

Something that made me go "hmmmm . . ."

Let me first start by stating that I in no way consider myself a great philosopher or adept political mind. The whole US military situation currently in Iraq is one that I, personally, support. I come from a military family and, right or wrong, I believe that our armed forces do their best to keep our freedoms intact. Whether they are currently being led in the correct or incorrect manner is an argument best left for another day.

This post is about the fact that I realized something this morning. I am currently listening to Def Leppard's "Hysteria" album in my CD player. One song on that album is called "Gods of War." I never really listened closely to the spoken words at the end of the song before but today, for some reason, my attention was caught and I heard the words.

This album was put out in, what? 1987? If you're not familiar, it starts out like this:

When we fall down
When we walk into silence
When we shadow the sun
Then the damage is done
Put away that gun!

Anyways, toward the end of the song there is a lot of explosion and war-zone like sound effects and in the midst of these sound effects is former President Ronald Reagan's voice. I'm guessing his comments are sound bites from media briefings or presidential speeches or the like. Included in his comments are:

"We are not going to tolerate terrorist attacks . . ."

"They counted on America being passive. They counted wrong."

"We will not cave in."

"Today we did what had to be done."

Call me dense but why are we still dealing with these lunatics? If everyone else in the world is against terrorists, after 20+ years, why are they still able to function cohesively? Because from what I can tell, they are not having many problems with manpower and accomplishing, if nothing else, their short-term goals - i.e., bombing public places and killing innocent people.

Do I like the idea of "big brother"? No.

Do I like the idea of my child living in an extremist, intolerant society? Absolutely not!

Does the obliteration of terrorist fanatics bother me? Not if it means being able to give my son a country that allows him to freely choose his religion, career, life partner, opinions, etc etc.

Like it has been said, "It's a dirty job but somebody's gotta do it."

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Lorraine said...

I just wish the people in uniform had been sent with the appropriate level of planning, equipment and support. Not being lied to by their Commander in Chief would have been nice, too. And of course, there's the little irony that the people who say I'm not supporting the troops because I think the action is misbegotten would actually show their support by not cutting veterans benefits and wages for those who are serving. But that's just me. You know, because I'm a traitor.