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Thursday, August 17


Nobody's reading my blog.

CB is paranoid that there might be people reading her blog that she really doesn't want reading it; Ali wants everybody to read her blog cuz you never know where the next producer might pop up; and others let you post on their blogs but don't bother to do the courteous thing and check yours out in kind. I can't even get a lookee-loo from anybody much less a flippin comment post!

C'mon people, throw me a dad-gum bone!!

(is the whiney guilt angle working yet? No? pffft!)


Missy said...

I am reading. Here I am commenting. I appreciate your comments on mine!

It is tough to keep 'er going when the comments lag.

ktbuffy said...

I ALWAYS worry that people aren't reading my blog. Hell, I signed up for Sitetracker just so I could see how low my number of views was... and was pleasantly surprised to see how very many peoples stop and read without commenting. And as long as they read, I'm ok with that!