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Friday, August 11


I could go into all the gorey details of my long period of absentia . . . but I won't bore you. I do have one word for it - "stepkid." Okay, maybe technically that's two.

We did have little "dramma" earlier this week though that I can share. Let's re-visit the "car salesman" scenario. Hubby decided that he needs a personal vehicle of his own (he currently drives a county vehicle that prohibits any type of personal errands, projects, etc. - - you know how stingy we taxpayers can get) so he surfs the internet car lots and finds a few possibles. Between the two of us we send offers on multiple Jeeps that we think might be fun. Keep in mind we are looking at used Jeeps that are older = lower priced. On one such possible, I sent the dealer an offer for $10,000. It was a 2001 model priced at $11,500. We kept looking while we waited for the responses to come in.

Two days later (in the interim Hubby decided on a more practical truck) the 2001 Jeep dealer sends me an email telling me that it had sold but he had a 2005 Jeep he could let me have for $20,995.

What the f - - - - - - - ???????

Okay, where in my request did he interpret that I would be interested in a newer model that costs TWICE what I was offering to pay??!!!!???! If he had been within my reach, I would slap him upside his moronic empty head.

Hello? Yes, I'm looking for a red sweater. Do you have any?
No, but we do have a purple tank top - will that work for ya???

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